New version of this NES Emulator for Windows..

What's new from Website:

  • A browser with ability to manage roms in folders and display additional information like snapshots and covers.
  • Save/Load state.
  • Multi-Renderer.
  • Can access archive files (rar, zip and 7z).
  • User can create profiles for controls mapping.
  • Supports BotGod xml database which used for detecting additional rom information like MMC3 board revision.
  • Profiles for control mapping.
  • CPU: all instruction including the undocumented. Emulates the interrupts check at the last cycle operation plus the interrupt vector changing behavior.
  • PPU: exact ppu cycle timing, exact vbl and nmi behavior, accurate sprites evaluation emulation.
  • APU: accurate frame counter, accurate dmc irqs and channels clocks on real cpu frequency.
  • Supports 4 players.
  • Supports Zapper.
  • Supports Vs-UniSystem.
  • Supports Game Genie.
  • TV Systems: NTSC, PALB and Dendy.
  • Supported mappers and boards: almost full set, some boards not supported because couldn't find a proper documents and roms.

Published 26/09/2014 at 01:41:59



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