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Create Your Own Passwords
To give yourself an an extra boost in 7th Legion, look at the file called "missions.ini" in your .\data directory. At the bottom of each mission profile you'll see a header called 'PVSTART'. That is your starting vehicles. Each number represents how many of a certain unit you will start with.

Each number on the unit list represents which number zero in the file, from left to right you should edit. You should have about 44 numbers there.

  • 1st zero-Ore Carrier
  • 2nd " -Ore Truck
  • 3rd " -Crusader
  • 4th " -Oppressor
  • 5th " -Crucifier
  • 6th " -APC
  • 7th " -Faith Hammer
  • 8th " -Annihilator
  • 9th " -Purifier
  • 17th " -Mortar Unit
  • 18th " -Priest
  • 19th " -Medic
  • 20th " -Slaven Rider
  • 34th " -Inquistor AC
  • 35th " -Revelator AC
  • 37th " -Nova AC
  • 39th " -Redeemer AC

The last one is your mobile contruction vehicle. As for the others, just experiment. You can have any unit you like by doing this, no matter what team you are sided with.

Here's an example: The original password looks like this:


You'd begin the mission with a Crusader tank and an MCV.

Let's spike it..


Now when you begin, you'll have 2 MCVs (just in case), the wimpy crusader is gone, and you have 7 Purifiers, 4 Redeemers and 8 revelators. You can also change your mission goals, the briefing and some other stuff in that file, though I'd stick it to the safe side and just mess with your units.

REMEMBER: If you are reloading a saved game after you've edited the file, you must hit ESCAPE and go to 'Restart Level' in order for it to work.

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