CHEATS :: num :: 101: 101st Airborne in Normandy Cheats
Cheat Codes
To activate a cheat, enter the corresponding code below without spaces.

  • All Germans on map surrender -- I HAVE YOU KNOW
  • All on map soldiers available -- WEASEL
  • Current soldier surrenders -- TRAITOR TRAITOR
  • Equip soldier with German MG-42 Mach gun and two belts of ammo -- HO HO HO
  • Give food to soldiers -- ANGRY MAN DINNERS
  • Kill all cattle on map -- BEEF
  • Kill all German soldiers on map -- YOU GO SQUISH NOW (or HELL LIVE)
  • No parachutes -- PRISION POD
  • Soldiers go berserk -- ROBOCOP3
  • Soldiers parachute into Normandy -- AIR NORMANDY
  • View all German soldiers, their equipment and building interiors * -- I KNOW
* Cheat is deactivated by typing: HE KNOWS
Submitted by Screaming Fist
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